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Mosites C10N Butterfly Valve

The Mosites C10 Butterfly Valve, which is fully elastomer lined, is in use throughout the world in a wide range of critical service applications. The control of water, chemicals, air, slurries, and vapors to 150 psi bubble-tight shut off can be achieved with the Mosites Butterfly Valve. The C10N incorporates the same unique features as the C10 and meets API 609 and MSS-SP 67 laying length (face-to-face) dimensions for quick placement of standard butterfly valves.

C10 Butterfly Valve

  1. STEM – STEEL ASTM A 311 AISI GRADE C1144 One piece, full length stem is internally keyed to disc insert.
  2. BODY – CAST CARBON STEEL ASTM A 216 GRADE WCB WAFER OR LUG Stronger than cast or ductile iron. Not subject to thermal shock. Also available in stainless steel and aluminum.
  3. DISC INSERT ASTM A 108 AND ASTM A 216 GRADE WCB Lining material bonded to steel. Disc internally keyed to shaft.
  4. EXTERIOR FINISHHigh Gloss Epoxy. Maximum protection from environmental corrosion.
  5. GASKET SURFACEBonded to valve body. Will not “fold” on insertion between flanges.
  6. BUSHING – DELRINTop stabilizer bushing prevents
    side loading.
  7. STEM SEAL Top patented ball and socket design.
  8. BODY LINER Molded and bonded to body; prevents seat blowout.
  9. STEM SEALBottom patented ball and socket design.
  10. BUSHING – DERLINBottom stabilizer bushing prevents side loading.
  11. STEM RETAINING RINGInsures positive retention of shaft.

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