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Media Valve Co. Inc.

The Manufacturer of Mosites Butterfly Valves

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Industry Applications for Butterfly Valves

The Mosites Butterfly Valve manufactured by Media Valve Company, Inc, is in service worldwide. It’s fully elastomer lined construction makes it well suited for corrosive and abrasive applications. It is also well suited for vacuum services.

Power plants use the Mosites Butterfly Valve for raw water intake, cooling tower water and re-circulating water.

Flue Gas Desulphurization applications include limestone slurries, and fly ash slurries to name a few applications.

Mining applications include acid recovery systems, mine tailings and handling mine water.

Transportation uses include bulk chemical transportation by truck and by barge.

Waste Handling uses include corrosive waste stream and various environmental streams.

Pulp and Paper applications include raw water intake and various liquor services.

Chemical plants use the Mosites Butterfly Valve in environmental areas, hydrogen service, raw water intake, various brine services and demineralized water.