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Installation & Maintenance For Mosites Butterfly Valves

  1. The Mosites Butterfly Valve is designed to be installed in nominal schedule 40 I.D. piping between 150# ASA flanges. If I.D. is less than schedule 40, 1/2” Mosites Spacers must be installed between the valve body and flange face.
  2. Standard flange size bolts of sufficient length to include face to face dimension of valve body are recommended when the standard wafer steel body of the Mosites Butterfly Valve is used. Cap screws (NC threaof standard size for 150# ASA flanges can be used to install the lug steel body of the Mosites Butterfly Valve. Length of cap screws must be less than (1/one half combined thickness of the valve body and flange. Cap screws should be of suitable metallurgy to withstand a reasonable duration in the atmospheric environment. All bolt and/or cap screws are to have a maximum torque of 30 FT/LBS applied to affect a seal between the valve body and flange face. Tightening of the bolts and/or cap screws should be performed in a crisscross pattern to assure an even distribution of torque.
  3. When the valve is first installed, some degree of operational tightness and slight leakage may be experienced. This is due to the elastomer lining having been held in one position causing a set between the body liner and disc. In such cases, the valve should be operated through several cycles thereby energizing the lining material.
  4. For applications where the valve is not put into immediate service, it is recommended that the valve be cycled at least (three times per month to keep the lining flexible and to insure that the valve is operating freely.
  5. On Mosites Butterfly Valves equipped with handwheel gear operators, lubrication of the gear shaft and top housing should be performed every (six months with NGL1 #2 (multipurposgrease or equivalent. The gearbox should be repacked approximately every (1twelve months with NGL1 #2 (multipurposgrease or equivalent. Please note that valves 14” and larger, the gear operator and or actuator has been set so that the disc does not fully close. This does not affect the bubble-tight shut off rating.
  6. Mosites Butterfly Valves are of such design that they must be returned to the factory for repair, therefore, no spare parts are required or recommended.